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Hello Everyone! I know I'm early but I'm super excited to begin nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else here is planning to apply to Charity for Fall 2012? Are you done with your prereqs?... Read More

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    This morning when I went, they said they were not looking up vouchers. If you signed a promissary note, you dont have a voucher. If you have a neg balance on LOLA you should have a book voucher. Its about 500.00, just enough for your ebooks and nursepak. Also you need your LOLA number to use your voucher. Soo print out a schedule or something from LOLA which will have your acct number.
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    Blackboard says im not enrolled in courses ...anyone else have the same problem??
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    I don't see my classes on blackboard.! Anyone else?
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    The user name for blackboard is the first initial of first name, and first 5 letters of last name with the password being BOLT?
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    The password is the last 4 digits of your social. I thought she meant that we have to register once we are in BB?? But there is nowhere to put that password once you're in there. I guess they'll tell us what to do on Tues.
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    I logged in the bb site with regular ID and password (ID is everything before "@my.dcc email and password is 4 last digits of ss#) I didn't have to register for a course, it was already there on my bb page. I already printed out the calendar - looks like we're gonna be very busy!!!! I'm so excited now and NERVOUS!
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    Thanks, Mamisu, I just found it on mine too. Yay!! I saw the calendar, it's a lot!! Did you see the Point Distribution for the exams?? There will be 7 questions just from Orientation. I wonder what they could be. I just want the first test to be over already! Does anyone know if we're supposed to bring the nurse pack along with stethescope and bp cuff, etc.. the first day??
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    I still haven't received my award...anyone else in the same boat? also blackboard is still showing that I'm not enrolled in any courses...could this be because of the hold up with finanical aid? just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation
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    I cant download the calendar. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    How much reading have you all done? I haven't made a dent in the packet yet! I didn't see anything about question distribution on Bb. Where do I find that?
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