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Hello Everyone! I know I'm early but I'm super excited to begin nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else here is planning to apply to Charity for Fall 2012? Are you done with your prereqs?... Read More

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    For anyone who submitted their name during orientation to switch clinical sections, I emailed our Level 1 coordinator today, and she said that she has not switched anyone yet because she is waiting for all of the LSBN approvals to be complete, and then she will hand in the list of people who want to switch to the registrar. Just wanted to give an update.

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    Phi823, I remember you saying that u were having problems w/ ur fin aid. Chech ur email. There is a scholarship that can help you with your books if you will not be receiving aid. Up to 600.00. Its first come, first serve. Deadline to apply is Monday!
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    Thank u, but I still don't have any word on my appeal for max hrs through Lola. I stood in line for 3 1/2 hrs yesterday just for them to tell me that they're working on the appeals. I turned mine in a week before the deadline; therefore, it should have been approved by now. I don't know what the problem is. Tomorrow is the deadline to pay for your classes. So, I can't apply for the book scholarship unless my classes have been held by payment or financial aid. So, they're going to have to just drop me from my classes. Some people have already deferred for another semester b/c they haven't heard from financial aid and they can't pay for it themselves. If they could, they wouldn't have applied for aid. I did tell my mom about it though since hers was approved.
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    Does anyone know how to self register for BlackBoard? I have the password but I dont know if I log into my Blackboard first.
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    No, I don't see where they want us to put that password. I calledd the school, and the lady said that they received many calls about it today, but that we would need to email our coordinator, and I did, but she hasn't written back yet.
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    I am getting sooo frustrated about everything. First, even though I've already accepted my award, financial aid hasn't reflected in my acct yet and I'm so scared that they might drop my classes. I called the lady at that dept and she told me that the classes won't be dropped but you never know! I don't know how the book vouchers work also, I haven't bought the books we need yet. Second, because I haven't bought the books, I haven't done my assignments and school starts next week! Does anyone here live in the kenner/Metairie area that has books? Maybe we can plan like a get together to work on the assignments. Third, I'm so confused with the Blackboard registering for courses! There's nothing on there were we can register and give the password they gave us. I thought that by today we would be able to do this. I hope I'm not the only one with these frustrations :/
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    I tried logging in to blackboard also and called the help desk they said I have to wait till the 18th to login....I'm pretty frustrated too...I did call my clinical teacher n she told me to bring all my papers with me (puzzle etc...) and try to read if I have my books
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    Manisu, I feel your pain, trust me!!! I finally got to sign my promissory note on Fri after waiting for 5 hrs at the Covington location to sign it. Yes, 5 hrs, from 1-6. Anyway, my Lola doesn't even say that I have an award even though I know I do. But there is someone in our Level 1 class who also works in the fin aid dept at CP, and she said that as long as the prom note is signed, the classes won't be dropped. I can tell for sure that the book vouchers do not start until the 20th which does not do me any good b/c of the assignments. I used my husband's credit card to pay for the ebooks today. I would be more than happy to let you borrow mine, but it's set up to where 2 people can't be logged into it at once b/c me and another student were thinking about splitting the cost. But like I said before, some people can't afford the ebooks and are having to buy the print version online. I was scared to wait until the 20th b/c I know that we're going to be given more readings the first week of school.
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    Book credits start on the 15th. I know this for sure bc I asked today when I was at the school. Also it says so on the Bookstore link. I went to the school to speak with the coordinator she was not there. I told her many people were confused because what needed to be done was really explained good enough. I believe the password they gave us is for the evolve acct. Also, I confirmed that the courses for BB was supposed to be uploaded today but mine's is not. They told me, that the teacher probrably didn't post anything yet. This frustrates me! Now, I am becoming overwhelmed. I don't know where to start. I dont know whats due on the st day. They don't have dates. I need to read instruction in the syallbus, bc there really no info in the one they gave us. I am not stressing about the readings. Soon as I see the credit on my acct, I'm going to the bookstore!
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    Book Credits available at the DCC bookstore - August 20-27, 2012. Book store registration schedule is as follows: Monday - Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday, August 18 &25 8a -12pm. nurseflow, this is what is on the dcc website under financial aid deadlines and requirememnts, and when I asked the financial aid lady at school she confirmed it so I guess they are giving out different dates.
    Just giving people a heads up in case they go there for nothing.

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