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  1. I'm currently a high school student.But I have plans on becoming a RN.I will hopefully b enrolled into Charity School of Nursing.I was just wondering if I had to complete all the general education requirements to enroll or can I take the classes while I'm enrolled?I have plenty of questions!How did some of you take your courses?
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  3. by   KGCSN
    I hope you are having a great senior year! The answer to your question is not simple, however I might be able to give you an idea of what to expect. I am going to write it as a list of steps to hopefully make it less confusing.
    1.) Apply to Delgado
    2.) Register for classes (either summer or fall): Most importantly Biology 141 with lab and English. Generally, it is best to wait to apply to Charity until you have completed AP1 because it gives you more points on you application and you cannot take AP1 until you take Biol141.
    3.)After Biol 141, Take AP1.
    4.) Take the HESI exam.
    5.) Apply to Charity. Applications are due in January for the following spring and September for the following fall.

    While you are doing all this and waiting to start after getting accepted you can take the rest of the general ed and pre-reqs. Some of the classes need to be finished before you start and some don't, but most people finish all of them before they start at Charity. I am in my 1st semester at charity and am soooooo glad that I can concentrate on nursing courses because they are very challenging. If I had to take math right now, I wouldn't sleep and would probably have a nervous breakdown. I hope this helps!
  4. by   2bnoobnurse321
    So are you saying it's a good idea to take all the general education requirements before I enroll into Charity?
  5. by   KGCSN
    Basically, yes. A science department advisor at Delgado can explain the process to you. Because you will be taking some classes before you apply and you do not start at charity until a year after you apply, you will have plenty of time to finish the gen ed before starting Charity.
    Like I said before, I am in my first semester at charity. I have lectures and/or clinicals 3-5 days per week plus I spend an enormous amount of time studying and doing assignments. It would be difficult to be taking a gen. ed. class now, but people do it. The ones I know wish they weren't!
    The other thing to consider is the other commitments in your life. Will you need to work while in school, etc.
    Hope this helps!
  6. by   kje2010
    I was wondering if any knew if csn accepted med terminolgy as a csn course towards your gpa or is it considered towards your regular gpa?
  7. by   perkinsflower
    I don't think it's one of the required courses for the RN program, just one of the "strongly recommended" courses. I strongly recommend that if you want to get the best idea of what you have to do to get into Charity, go to the Delgado website and read the RN bulletin in the Charity section of the site. Charity admits on the basis of a "profile score", which is a combination of a lot of factors including your HESI score, your GPA, your GPA in your prerequisites, if you've completed some courses in the curriculum, if you have a degree, what your ACT score is, and if you've dropped/failed/withdrawn. If you can, PM me your email address and I'll send it over to you because I still have it saved on my hard drive and they make things a little hard to find over there at the DCC website! Good luck!
  8. by   BundokSaint
    just a heads up to all you prospective charity student nurses out there!

    there will be an open house at charity school of nursing tomorrow, saturday, november 19th from 0900 - 1200.

    a good opportunity to see the school and ask any and all questions you might have.