Charity NAC I Test

  1. I just took the 1st NAC I test and got a 74. I'm pretty upset about it because I studied ALOT. Feeling pretty down and discouraged.... everyone says the tests get harder. Anyone been in the same position? Any advice?
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  3. by   cajunmom06
    Please do not feel discouraged. I will never forget how hard I studied for my 1st test in Basics and I got a 74..I cried so hard and I didn't think I would be able to make it since I studied the hardest I could and I "failed." The second test I made an A! I have a history of "failing" my 1st tests of the semester then as I get into the swing of things it gets better. I am now in my last semester and I was beyond elated that I passed my 1st test! Just hoping I dont fail my next one!! You will do just fine. I had many friends that were on verge of failing but pull it off in the end. Just stay focused, study hard and you will make it!
  4. by   chloe79 you remember if the tests continually get harder? do you have any tips for moving on to peds/mental and nac II?
  5. by   cajunmom06
    no..they dont get harder. just cue into the things they empahasize. for nac 1 I went to day lecture and listened to both day and night tegrity. I compared to see what the instrutors focused on. Peds and mental health was a bit of a reprieve. The tests are more straight forward escp for peds. It seems really fast paced and impossible at times but the tests focus on MAIN things..dont harp on allll the details cause it is way to much info in a short period of time.

    you will be just fine!