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I am applying to the LPN program at Charity school of nursing for the Fall 2011 program. The application is due at the end of this month and I wanted to know if anyone else on here is applying, in the program already, or finished... Read More

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    Ready for tomorrow? Are we supposed to bring anything?

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    i'm ready also i cant wait but i don't know if we have to bring anything
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    What is the website for the background check? I don't see it anywhere in the packet....
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    Do we meet on the 19th of this month?
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    Hi you guys, does anyone knows a cheap place to get a titer?
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    St charles community health center, in Luling
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    Anyone completed there health packet? If so did you go to diff places or one place? And where did you go?
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    has anyone started the lpn program at delgado and if so how do you like it??? applied for the RN but if I dont get accepted I will go the LPN route.
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    Im waiting to see if I got in
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    Hi soloelijah! I'm waiting to hear also. Do you know when we might find out. According to last years forum it was around the 17th of June.

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