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I am applying to the LPN program at Charity school of nursing for the Fall 2011 program. The application is due at the end of this month and I wanted to know if anyone else on here is applying, in... Read More

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    Wed the 6th at 10. If you wNt send me a private message and maybe we can meet up and get through this whole process together. I don't know anyone else that applied to the program except you all from here.
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    Would you be kindly post the address of the location please? I have no clue where it's at.
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    I sent it in a message to you I wasn't sure if I could post it on here
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    Thank you. I received it.
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    yea, it was 90 or 95.
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    Does anyone know if all the calls were made yet?
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    I dont know if they were all made, but since the meeting is not until Wed maybe there still calling untill then.
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    Oh, okay. Do by any chance know (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) email address?
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    another reminder:

    1. please do not give out personal information about others. do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.
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    You can find it on charitys website
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    Thank you!! I guess if I haven't heard anything by now, I should probably give up how for this semester & move on, right?
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    I'm not sure.... The orientation is wed so you would def hear by then. Have you taken the intro ap and nutrition class?
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    This is my first time applying. I've already taken a nutrition course and passed at southeastern, along with A&P 1 and 2 because I initially started out going for my bachelors in nursing, I have all my prereqs for this, but this process is taking forever and someone told me about the lpn-rn bridge and this semester is when I decided to go that route, but since I made an C in my anatomy courses, she suggested I go an take the intro a&p, and this is what I'm currently taking this summer at Delgado. Im not sure what my profile score is, I believe a 70-75 but I scored really his on my compass and my overral gpa is good. Im not sure what to do anymore, I guess I'll just stick with trying to get my bachelors, since I have all the required courses to apply.

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