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I am applying to the LPN program at Charity school of nursing for the Fall 2011 program. The application is due at the end of this month and I wanted to know if anyone else on here is applying, in... Read More

  1. by   deadunderwolf
    Actually didn't get my profile score added up by anyone. I had finished all of the pre-req's before applying, including math, english, the intro A&P's, and nutrition. I've done A&P I, and am currently enrolled in A&P II. I tried to calculate the score myself, and I guessed between 85-95, depending on cumulative gpa and points toward the A&P's. I could be wrong, but that seemed about right. Have you gotten a call yet?? I wondered if they were going alphabetically--my last name starts with B.
  2. by   Cglaws55610
    No I haven't gotten a call my score is an 80. My last name strys with a G. Hopefully they dot make all the calls in one day, bc it's to late to go to my back up school.
  3. by   deadunderwolf
    If you've got an 80 for a profile score I don't see how you wouldn't get accepted. Like I said, I may have added mine up incorrectly, but I finished everything before applying--before I took the pre-req's, my Delgado gpa was a 2.8; I'm up to almost a 3.5, and I actually did really well on the COMPASS ( a LOT better than I thought!), and I'm sure that's what cinched it for me.
  4. by   Cglaws55610
    Yeah I have finished everything also and did really good on the compass.. So I don't know ugh now I'm panicking lol
  5. by   hoping22
    Really nervous now that calls are being made my last name is towards the end of the alphabet so hoping that's it
  6. by   SAMR
    Just got my call!! good luck everyone and see you soon!
  7. by   tngo
    Congrat to everyone who got a call. I was hoping to get a call today but seem like they pass up my last name that start with a N. Look like Im not going to lpn school this semester. =(
  8. by   Cglaws55610
    They are done making them?
  9. by   Cglaws55610
    SAMR..... Do you know your profile score?
  10. by   hoping22
    I hope they aren't done making them
  11. by   Cglaws55610
    email (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of individuals in your nursing program per terms of service) and ask her.... i am so tempted too but i just emailed her last week about the calls.
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  12. by   Cglaws55610
    Yay!!!! Just got my call!!!! I just called delta 20 min ago together te start of there next class I was so nervous!!!
  13. by   deadunderwolf
    Congrats!! Did they say orientation was the 5th or 6th? Couldn't quite understand what the lady from Charity said in the voicemail.