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Hi guys, Well I will find out this week if I made it in for the Fall 2010 class. I am so nervous as I have heard so many stories from people. I have heard that if you don't have at least a 90 profile score they won't consider... Read More

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    That sounds great! I'd love to meet up at orientation. It'd be great to go in knowing at least one person.
    And I just dyed my hair red, so i'm pretty sure i will stand out in the crowd.

    I'm very anxious about orientation, and all the questions being answered. I've been waiting for this for over a year, and it's finally happening.

    And Happy Birthday! what a great birthday present.

    as far as things that need to be completed, we need to have our physical, a copy of our birth certificate, and a copy of our high school diploma turned in by the 15th. I'm not sure about what paperwork they want for the physical, b/c the tb test and hep b shot are on the physical papers.

    hope all goes well until next week. we're almost there!

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    OMG! I dyed my hair red last night!!!

    I have pitch black hair and I really want it a light shade of Reddish brown. So I tried a Garnier Red tailored to Black hair and nothing happened. I am so disappointed. A while back I had some highlights done in red and my hair looked gorgeous. Of course at $130...its a little too much right now. And I would rather spend the money on other things.

    Anyway, I have yet to go to Team Health at EJGH and talk to them about my physical. I am really hoping I can just have them write it out on the Charity documents. I would really hate to have to go pay for one. I can imagine they cost a lot. Actaully, I am thinking I should go tomorrow and go get my Hep B shot since I need it for work. Gonna ask about the physical while I am there.

    Thanks for the B day wishes! I'm turning 31! I'm trying to sound like its a good!

    I can't wait till next week. And I am glad that I know someone in advance. It will be so helpful and less stressful knowing someone when I get there.

    I will send you a PM...hope you can open it.

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