Charity 2011- working ahead?

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    Got my acceptance letter For Charity's spring 2011 class and I am beyond excited!! I am finished with all of my prereqs, so I will just be waiting for spring. I was wondering if anyone recommends getting a head start on studying, because I will have so much free time. I actually will be spending one day a week (6-7 hours) at LSU waiting for my dog at the Vet school, and I will have nothing to do to fill my time.I wish I was starting in August,because this wait is going to be brutal

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    Hi brittenmmons,

    Do you plan on going back to school for your BSN? If so you could be taking classes toward that!
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    That is a great idea!! Do you have any suggestions on what I should take or where I can look to figure out what I would need to transition into the BSN?Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    If you don't have a Chem & lab, that might be one to consider.
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    CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance!!!

    I just applied to the LPN program Fall 2010 last may and calls will be made next week for those that got accepted. I am sooooooooooooooooooo nervous!!! If I get a letter that means I didn't get in so I am hoping to get a call.

    I have been freaking out since last month waiting for the moment they make their decisions so I can imagine how you feel having to wait till January.

    Good luck!
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    I know a lot of schools require Intro to Sociology and Developmental Physiology. What about a dosage and calculations class to help prepare for Pharmacology?
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    I am def. considering the dosage and calculations. I have already taken chem.,chem lab and sociology because I was originally planning on applying to PTA school.... and thoses were required prereqs I hate that I will have such idle time on fridays in Baton Rouge, but I don't know if it is too early to start brushing up on stuff for school.

    RN hopeful- good luck and prayers for LPN!!!I know that the wait is horrible!!!
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    I will be there in Jan. too!!!!!! It seems so far away!!
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    I know!!! I am so ready to get started!!! Looking forward to all that we have in store!
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    Hey girl I am starting Basics in about 2 weeks so I will tell you my story and you can take from it what you like...
    I am an Army wife that left college after my 1st semester 7 years ago to follow my hubby around the nation. 2 children and 3 deployments later I am finally settling down in my hometown to finish what I started so long ago. I have done correspondence through Delgado and also sit down classes any time he has been deployed. As of right now I have 4 semesters of nursing school and NO NON NURSING COURSES to do for my Associate's or Bachelor's. What I did a long time ago was check out Charity's curriculum and Southeastern's Bachelor curriculum to make sure that I spent the years that we have moved so much getting the unnecessary "fluff" classes as I call them ouot of the way. I know in 2012 he will finally be out of the military and we will settle in Baton Rouge. So Southeastern's bridge program seemed to fit my needs perfectly. You need to pick a school near where you are or will be after your Associate's graduation and check out their curriculum. I strongly suggest that to anyone because I have a lot of people going through nursing school with me right now that have to add the stress of classes like AP2 and Micro to their already stressful nursing curriculum and I get to focus solely on nursing. Right off the top of my head I know that you need 2 chems and a social science for SLU which is not required at CSN. You are a very smart girl to get started on this! Good luck to you my friend!!
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