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  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?
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    I am! I'm working on my prereqs this summer and fall.
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    Amanda?? It's Beth lol.
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    hahaha I figured it probably was Maybe we'll be lucky and be the only 2 applying haha.
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    That would be awesome! Can't wait to start on physiology lol.
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    Hi! Im also applying for the class in january. Im so excited. Hope i get in!!!
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    Yes! I am applying to the January 2012 class! I am so excited and really hope I get in!! *fingers-crossed* Does anyone know how many they accept each year? And also, most nursing schools have clinicals 5 days a week, does BRGSON do the same?
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    I think they accept around 40-50 a year, but I may be wrong. I'm also not sure about clinicals. I wish I could be more helpful Have you done all of your pre-reqs? I'm doing Physiology through independent study.
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    Hi, my goal is to enter Baton Rouge School of Nursing in Jan 2012 also. I'm currently waiting on my packet to arrive so I can get more insigt as to what needs to be done in order to enroll in the program. Do anyone know what pre reqs are required for entery and also what can transfer from one school to the next. I'm currently enrolled at BRCC in my 4th semester.
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    I should be graduating from the BRSON program Dec 2011. For our class they accepted 40 students (10 of which we lost the first semester), and the Class after us I think they had 45 students.
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    Hi! I'm applying for the January 2012 too! I was just curious to see what yall's GPA and TEAS scores were like, if yall don't mind me asking! I just want to see if I'm my scores are good enough to compare
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    My GPA now is about a 3.3. When I took the TEAS last year, I made a 60, which really sucks, but I didn't study at all. I plan on taking a month or two to study for it before I take it again.

    Good luck!!
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    Mine is a 3.2 right now. I met with someone at the school last week and she recommended that I score an 80 or better on the TEAS to be considered... Hopefully that's doable! When do you plan on taking it?