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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    I have A's and B's right now in all my classes so hopefully I can keep that up..I am going up to look at some places with my fiance this weekend. I've lived in baton rouge before, I went to LSU for 4 semesters and my fiance's family lives near BR. Thanks ! Hopefully we will be hearing some more info from BRG soon!
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    Oh well that's good. Good luck finding something. And yes, hopefully, we'll hear something very soon!
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    I ended up declining my admission! I got into LSU's nursing school, and since they are BSN I decided to choose them. But, if y'all know anyone on the waiting list...there's now a spot open! GOOD LUCK to yall! BRG is a great program...I know a lot of people who went there and now have great jobs!
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    Good luck at LSU!!! I have a friend there, she loves it.. she says it is difficult but all nursing programs are!
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    Good luck!!
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    Well, looks like I have to re-take my CPR class. I went get my packet today and they don't accept the certification from the American Red Cross.
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    I know I have to get a new one too! I am getting my physical , TB test and flu shot today. I don't know when I'll be able to do finger prints !
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    I'm trying to get everything done this week or next. It's hard trying to get all of this done when you have a two year old tagging along!
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    I understand ! I'm trying to get mine all done this week too !
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    I was accepted into BRGSN January classes as well!!! WOO HOO!!! Congrats to all who got accepted! I am looking forward to meeting and studying with you!!
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    Congrats!!!! I got in too!
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    I was also accepted to BRGSN January 2012 class!! Congrats to everyone else who got in too!! I am looking for a place to live and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me or knows of anyone looking for a roommate.

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    I am looking too. It's so hard to find a place that is a good price! Where are you from ?!