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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    I really hope so! I'm hoping even tomorrow!!

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    Check your emails!!!!!!!

    I got in!!!!
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    I got the email ! I got in too !!!!!!!! I'm so happy !!!!!
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    Do you know anyone else who got in??
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    Not that I know of... I didn't know anyone else that applied... I go to SELU and most of my classmates only applied to SELU !
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    Congrats to you guys!!!I will be applying for Jan 2013 class. Good luck!!!
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    Thanks! I'm glad to hear you are applying next year! It took me two tries to get in, but it was so worth the wait!
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    Yeah if I could have finish a&p2 I would have applied this year but this gives me more time study for the entrance test.
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    Make sure to order the study guide from ATI. The test was identical to the practice test they have in the book. Good luck next year!

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