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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

  1. by   lsupanda
    Nope. All they said was that they were getting everything ready to mail and we would hear something any day now.
  2. by   metabolicfrolic
    Quote from LSUHopeful23
    Does anyone know what the academic calendar is like? When do classes start?
    You all should be hearing any day now. The committee met last week.

    The spring semester begins Jan. 3rd.
  3. by   anich22
    Still nothing ! Ughh
  4. by   lsupanda
    I really didn't want to have to wait all weekend without knowing! I wanted to celebrate lol.
  5. by   anich22
    I know ! Hopefully we will know by Monday !
  6. by   lsupanda
    I really hope so! I'm hoping even tomorrow!!
  7. by   lsupanda
    Check your emails!!!!!!!

    I got in!!!!
  8. by   anich22
    I got the email ! I got in too !!!!!!!! I'm so happy !!!!!
  9. by   lsupanda
  10. by   lsupanda
    Do you know anyone else who got in??
  11. by   anich22
    Not that I know of... I didn't know anyone else that applied... I go to SELU and most of my classmates only applied to SELU !
  12. by   Jaguars2004
    Congrats to you guys!!!I will be applying for Jan 2013 class. Good luck!!!
  13. by   lsupanda
    Thanks! I'm glad to hear you are applying next year! It took me two tries to get in, but it was so worth the wait!