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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    I just got my score, so check yours!

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    How'd you do!
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    I made a 70. I made a 60 last year, so it's a good improvement. When I checked everything, I didn't better than the national mean in every subject, so that makes me feel better lol.
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    I made an 82.7. I'm hoping that will be high enough!
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    That's awesome!! I'mg hoping my GPA, and the fact that applied last year, helps me get in this year!
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    I just got my score too, I made an 81.3%. Only problem is that I didn't finish Physiology in time... I asked if I would still be considered because my GPA is okay, my score is good, and I have EXCELLENT referrals. She said I would still be considered but I would be at the bottom of the list
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    Well, I hope this gives you some hope. Last year, when I applied, I was in my fall semester at LSU, taking all of my pre-reqs, including physiology. I made a 60 on the teas and was in the process of getting my gpa up. I made the waiting list. I was number 20. While I didn't get in, they got to number 12 or 13 last year. So try not to be too discouraged.
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    You just made my day... I've been worried about this for so long!!! Thank you for letting me know! And I really hope you get in this year!
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    Thanks! Good luck to you! Just wanted to let you know that just because you're at the bottom, doesn't mean you won't get in. When I was on the waiting list, I would call everyday to see what number they were on. Everyday, they would be moving up in the list, so stay positive! A lot of people apply, but commit somewhere else before BRG makes their decision.
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    I decided to call the school today and ask them when we would be finding out about getting in or not. They said Nov. 1st, so that's not too far away. Maybe we'll get them at the end of Oct. instead! Good luck everyone!

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