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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    I'm taking it a 9 am but its in Metairie, I have been reading the ati book and I am going to take the practice tests soon. I'm usually really good at taking standardized tests but this one actually means something so it really freaks me out... Good luck to you too! I'm hoping I will get a good enough score to get in. I am so ready to start nursing school!

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    I am ready to start, too!! I really hope this is my year and yours, too!
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    Quote from lsupanda
    My friend and I were taking that one, too, but the teacher was crazy. We found an online class through another university that was 4 weeks long. All his tests come from the books website, so it's impossible to fail. We're dropping the LSU independent class once we get our grades for the online class.

    I can't remember who I took for Micro, but his name started with a G I think. He was supper easy!
    Can you pls tell me the name of that university need to take APII
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    Northwestern University.
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    Howd you do in the test? I wont find out until monday or tuesday and im so worried!i think i did good but im not sure!
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    I have no idea! I took the test on a computer, but it didn't give me my results afterwards. It may be 48-72 hours before my results show up online.
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    I took mine today too! Hoping for a high grade! Do you know what score you need to make?
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    I took it on tbe computer too and I am waiting for my results. I am going crazy waiting!
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    They don't have a certain score that you have to make. I was told that last year, the lowest grade that someone got in with, was around a 72-75.

    I am going crazy waiting!! I keep checking every 5 minutes!
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    I know! It probably wont be up until tomorrow or Tuesday! And it's really stressing me out. I just want to know how I did!

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