Trying to decide if I want to take a PRN position in a LTACH.

  1. I graduated in December 2012 and passed boards in Jan. 2013. I do believe I'm the last in my class to get a job. I'm scared (even though I feel I was made to do this), and have really enjoyed being a stay at home mom of 3. I feel rushed to find a job now due to our local community college releasing about 40-50 RN graduates in May. There arnt a whiles lot of places hiring where I live so I feel as though I should jump at the chance to work now even if its only a PRN job.

    I had my interview on Friday last week and was told there were no full time positions open, but that they could train me on days (I want to work nights), and then when they feel I'm ready to be on my own I can choose which "pool" to sign up for. Pool 1 pays $31/hr, Pool 2 $33/hr, Pool 3 $35/hr. With different pools comes commitments like pool 3 you have to work a minimum of 8 shifts (12 hr shifts) in a month and be charge nurse when needed. That scares the crud out of me. Definitely not ready for that.

    I find myself thinking, "maybe I don't want to be a nurse" but that's crazy! I think I'm just full of fear about it all. Maybe its due to all the horror stories my best friend tells me about working on the med/surg floor at the hospital.

    They told me I would train on days ans that they will totally make sure I'm ready before I go out on my own. I'm just freaking out and venting..sorry. I also was a kick butt CNA at this same LTACH facilty a few years back and was even voted for employee of the year. What if I totally am a terrible nurse and let them down? I didn't get much experience in clinical..due to terrible instructors, but I know I just need to "jump" in there and totally give it my all.

    Anyone else take forever to find a job after graduating because they were terrified? Have to give these people an answer tomorrow. I'm shaking in my boots!!!!
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  3. by   jelite37RN
    I honestly think that LTAC is better than LTC and that any job is better than NO job. You are a new grad and if your interest is to land an acute care job, you should be also filling out applications for new grad jobs while going to the LTAC job. The year will pass by faster than you think, and all of a sudden you will be competing with people that have 3 years of experience (after your first year).
    You have to put your fears aside, acknowledge what your weak points are and work on them.
    You cannot think of "disappointing others", because you and your kids are more important now. Have the mentality of a winner!
    The fact that you were employee of the month leads me to thinking you will be good! maybe you don't give yourself enough credit!
    Good luck!
  4. by   ColombicanaRN
    I agree! You will never feel ready. You will do great and you will have gained plenty of experience to take you to where you want to be. I know someone who has worked private duty nursing for 8 months straight out of school with the same patient. She endured this time afraid that she has not learned any new skills and has forgotten most of the skills she learned in clinicals. However, she has gained enough experience to land a job in an hospital 2 hours from home.

    Just remember something is better than nothing and all experience is good always learn something from it! GOOD LUCK!