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Hello there! I am currently in an RN program for my ADN. I graduate in May. I worked at ** ******** in the OR as a PCT for 6 months and I most recently worked as a PCT in Neurology at ****... Read More

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    Thank you all so very much! Oh, and for the poster who seemed harsh...didn't bother me in the least Trust me...I have very thick skin and I am secure in my reasons for wanting to be a nurse that I don't feel I have to work on the floor to prove my dedication to being a viable contributor to the profession.

    I have known for many years what I "don't" want to do in nursing. Working as a PCT in Neuro and in OR has confirmed that, along with clinicals. I LOVE the floor nurses. When one thinks of an RN, working on the floor with direct patient contact is what most people think of. Since the beginning, I have LOVED the OR. I am currently on the list for a perioperative program. In addition to my 9 years as a medical transcriptionist, I worked as a PCT (of course, totally different animal, as is the OR).

    I don't feel that one has to feel like they want to change the world in order to be an awesome RN…helping people comes in many different packages. I chose this profession because I LOVE medicine and the study of the human body. I love people and I have a lot of compassion for others. A touch, a laugh, using a person's name and acknowledging their fears and listening to their concerns is a huge part of it. Trust me, I have seen a lot of RN's 'pretend' to care only to berate a patient behind their back (happened to me today at clinicals). So, to the poster who was harsh...don't pretend all floor RN's are saints and are there for their sense of duty...it's just not true.

    Although I am on the list for the perioperative program, only 4 out of 60 are chosen. There is a great possibility I will not be chosen. I have been a medical transcriptionist for 9 years and got into it without any experience or certification...due to networking and hard work showing that my love for medicine and research was strong enough to overcome my deficiencies. I am an "out of the box" thinker...I like working medical transcription, but I want to do something with my RN degree. If I don't get into the OR, I plan on looking into pursuing LNC or possibly even Case Management. I am appreciative to know that my experience as an MT alone will not enable me to become an LNC...this means I must work harder and find a niche that will lead to Rome If that is indeed what I would like to pursue. As a 'nearing' new grad, I am checking ALL avenues and all of your input is extremely helpful...that is why I came here looking for answers, and I am so appreciative of you all taking the time to respond at all.

    To those who have defended my question...much love to you! Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes and when someone shows compassion and mutual respect, as you all have shown, it epitomizes the type of nurse I would love to be...compassionate.

    To the Harsh poster in response to my question...much love to you too; because, the more someone tells me "you can't" the more I strive to prove "yes I can!"
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    It seems to me something in billing would be a good match, with your chart experience and knowledge billing or coding would be a good fit.
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    Case management will also require some serious clinical experience for you to be considered qualified.
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    Hi all

    So, here I am graduating on Monday with my ADN...based on your feedback and my own research, I decided that becoming an LNC or Case Manager from home would have to wait. So, I decided to stick with what I love, the OR. I have had two interviews for perioperative programs and I'm on waiting lists for three others. I may still look into LNC...later. We shall see what happens. Of course, until I pass that NCLEX, everything is on hold anyway. Also, I realize by choosing the OR I might be 'pigeon holed'...but, I enjoy it so much, I might just make a career out of it and eventually get into a level 1 trauma hospital and go for my RFNA. Only time will tell.

    Also, I have very thick skin and I'm a very positive person...so, if I come across as a 'know it all' I am anything BUT. I just simply don't like being told that I "can't" achieve something...I don't accept that...however, I am realistic and if I really want something I will work my behind off to achieve it. So, thank you everyone for taking the time to respond and give me feedback...I appreciate it! The good, the bad, AND the ugly...as well as the positive

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    Hi all! Update I have been formally offered a job in the OR!! They are holding it for me until I pass my NCLEX. So, looks like I will be an OR nurse. I'm very excited! So, off to the OR boards I go...but again, thank you for all your feedback. <3
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    Quote from michele742
    Hi all! Update I have been formally offered a job in the OR!! They are holding it for me until I pass my NCLEX. So, looks like I will be an OR nurse. I'm very excited! So, off to the OR boards I go...but again, thank you for all your feedback. <3

    All's well that ends well. Congratulations!

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