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I have been looking up legal nurse consulting jobs online but can't find any real positions, any advice how to find jobs in this area?... Read More

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    Quote from sirI
    This is one of the hardest jobs I've ever done.

    It's not easy to market for cases... Again, it's hard. Very hard.
    IMHO, the above is the real deal.

    Unfortunately, the hype that gets the biggest publicity goes more to the tune of... "earn a much better living," "spend a lot more time with your family," "make $200 per hour," "vacation and cruise at your leisure," etc.

    (Quotes are created by me for this post. But everyone reading this has seen the themes of the ads published in all the mags, I'm sure.)

    And for a variety of reasons, many proceed on the marketing, slick images and the unreal pictures painted... sadly, at their peril.
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    Is it even worth while to try to pursue work in this field? I am all that interested in the "hype" of making $150/hr. I realize that those people are few and far in between. I am just really drawn to the nature of the work. I think that it fits me. It is really diappointing that it is so hard to get into.
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    Have you thought of consulting for corporations? That is a BIG are of expertise here in the south. Lots of attorney's offices and insurance companies hire LPN's and RN's to "read" medical records and write a report of medical opinion and a care plan based on the state's insurance guidelines. (Milliman and Interqual in this state)
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