LNC's in New Orleans

  1. 0 Hi everyone ! New to forum and very excited. My immediate question is about LNC's in New Orleans. We are relocating to the area and I am interested in pursuing my goal of becoming a LNC. How is the climate for the specialty down in NOLA? Appreciate any responses.
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    I am a nurse paralegal in New Orleans. I am employed full-time by a law firm. A good friend is an LNC with her own business. She said the independent LNC's are very competitive. She also told me that attorneys complain about her fees, which are quite low, and that a lot of them only want MD's to review their records. She finds most of her work outside of the city. Most of the larger firms here have nurses in-house. Personally, I find that a lot of law firms' med mal cases slow down in the summer and that's why I took the paralegal course to add some job security to the mix. Business always picks up during the fall months.
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    Thank you silmasRn... That makes sense. It seems like everything in New Orleans slows down in the summer. So from what I gather though it is not an ideal location for an LNC, it is possible as long as you expand past city. I believe that much of an LNC's work is done outside of the location in which they live anyway, am I correct?
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    The majority of our cases are in the metro New Orleans area, although we get a lot of referrals from all over the state. We don't advertise. Word of mouth is the way to go here. My friend was able to establish a client base and they, in turn, have referred other attorneys to her. She's very happy with her career and I expect you would be as well. Welcome to the Big Easy!
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