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  1. Hello, I live in the Chicagoland area and am interested in becoming an LNC. I am unsure how to start this process however. I have done some research and found that while certification is available, it's not required to work as a LNC. Does having certification make obtaining employment easier? Also after you do obtain certification you still need to associate yourself with a law firm, correct? Any guidance on this area would be appreciated.
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    It is good to hear of your interest in Legal Nurse Consulting. Although formal LNC training is not currently required to become an LNC, I would not recommend pursuing this without training. You will find information in threads in this forum regarding several of the LNC training programs.

    The cost for the programs varies greatly, although the basic information is very similar. Some programs offer online training such as the courses offered by AALNC. Other programs offer training via seminars and home-study. You need to research the various programs and find one which fits your budget and your learning style.

    As far as certification, most programs offer a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the program and exam. The only certification that is accredited by the American Board of Nursing Specialties is the LNCC offered by AALNC. This is a practice-based certification and can be earned only by RN's with a minimum of 5 years of experience as an RN, evidence of 2000 hours of experience as an LNC, and successful completion of an exam. Any LNC who meets these requirements is eligible to take this exam. An LNC does not have to be certified before starting in this career.

    You do not need to be associated with a law firm unless you plan on being hired solely by that firm to be an in house LNC. Independent LNC's contract with several laws firms in various locations, even in other states.

    If you have specific questions about any of the programs or becoming an LNC, feel free to post them here.
  4. by   cherston1
    Another good program you might consider is available at they have a 6 day seminar available, but I am currently doing the DVD program at my own pace. I did a lot of research of this company and they have good marks with the BBB and they also have a 6 month money back guarentee. They have 3 programs to choose from and you only need to be a nurse for 2 years. You also have a certification exam you can take after the course to be a CLNC. That is what I am going for. You might also look into that program.