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Hello Everyone, I am thinking of doing a combination of formal and seminar training to get into LNC. I have read a lot of thoughts on the VMI Course and some of the other formal education courses but has anyone taken or... Read More

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    I am glad to hear that you were pleased with the course. I am still debating on which direction to go. Would like to speak with you re what happened after you finished, (any clients yet?, how was the marketing part of the course? ect) you can pm me or post. thanks jls121

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    I want you to know that I am a practicing PLNC and I took many courses before finding LNC stat and RN Market. Veronica Castellana and Ryan Sanchez are the ones in the business who truly care that you are able to initiate your own business, and if you get stumped, guess what...they will lead you through it because there is unlimited mentoring. What else could any of you guys ask for? They offer many courses that u can take that will better increase your skills & knowledge after the LNC course. I am also a Certified Product Safety Specialist. For u guys making opinions, its A Certified Product Safety Specialist(CPSS). Veronica & Ryan are personal friends of mine. There are some things on here that were downright disrespectful & additionally unprofessional. I hope that u will learn how to be tactful and professional when speaking of fellow nurses. If you want a LNC get it from LNC Stat. I am speaking from experience and dollars later. I am a practicing Profgessional Legal Nurse Consultant because of Veronica, Ryan, and LNC stat. I plan to take their Forensics course.

    Respectfully to you all....
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    What is the market like for LNC out there?? A big demand or not really? Is it more like being a self-contractor in order to obtain work or how does it work? Any info would be great! Thanks!!
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    I appreciated your post. I am in the process of researching the LNC opportunity/career. I live in a smaller city (approx 100,000) and was wondering if this is something that can be marketed only in the area I live or can it be statewide? I also wanted to ask someone who has been successful if it is a realistic way to make money at this time? Anything you can share to help me with my decision would be much appreciated.

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