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Did anyone else apply to UK's second degree program for Spring 2012? I have been calling about when we should hear from admissions and I can't get a date because they don't answer or I leave a message and they don't call back.... Read More

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    Hi ktmerr,
    I'm also an alternate for MUSC....have you heard anything yet?

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    No , not yet. When I spoke to them about a week ago they said those who were accepted had about 3ish weeks to reserve their spots, then they would evaluate how many open spots there were after that and they go back and pick from the alternate list. Did they tell you about the same thing? Also I am thinking of reapplying and hoping i get accepted in this next cycle. are you thinking of the same thing?
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    I have an interview on the 28th, 2012. Can anybody tell me what the interview are like? Thanks
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    @bmacleod: did you end up getting accepted? I'm #3 on the waitlist for the fall 2014 semester and am looking for some light at the end of this tunnel!

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