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Hi all! I may have posted this before but can't seem to find the thread if I did. I was wondering if anyone has done the senior practicum at either UK or Central Baptist. I haven't found anyone in the class ahead of me that has... Read More

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    Quote from ky_grl82
    I got called this week and my interview will be the last week in March. I got called by UK for a SNAP interview and that one is next week. It sounds like they interview most everyone.

    LOL I wish they would interview everyone for open positions they have. Good luck with your senior practicum.

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    I did my interview last week! Wasn't too bad! Good luck on yours
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    Glad it went well! I had my UK interview a few weeks ago and the CBH interview last week as well. I hate interviewing but I think it went OK.

    I don't know if you asked how many applications they had but for UK there are 98 applicants (this is before the ones who dropped out due to the GPA requirement) and 60 spots. At CBH there are 60-something applicants and 20 spots. I SWORE they said they were expanding their spots this year in that meeting at the end of my clinicals last semester but maybe they nixed that. Let me know if you got a spot, Sohie!
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    yea definitely not many spots! i have my fingers crossed but i also work as a tech at CBH so regardless of if i get it or not i will be working full time this summer. i would love to get the externship #1 choice was NICU and then ICU or definitely good learning experiences across the board. we should know in about a week!! the suspense is killing me
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    I got my call from UK today that I got in the SNAP program! YAY!! So excited! Good luck with SPICEE! I hate waiting to hear news... good or bad, I want it! Now I gotta cancel my summer on-campus classes.
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    Thanks! I got SPICEE in the NICU!!!!
    Congrats on SNAP! keep me updated on how it goes!
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    YAY Sophie! Congrads! I did some volunteer work that involved working in the NICU for several years. While it is crazy hard (for me anyways), it has a very special vibe. Good luck!
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    My professors at EKU said that the SPICEE application was only available until 1/12, but I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to apply?

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