SNAP program at University of Kentucky Hosp. or SPICEE at Central Baptist - page 2

Hi all! I may have posted this before but can't seem to find the thread if I did. I was wondering if anyone has done the senior practicum at either UK or Central Baptist. I haven't found anyone in... Read More

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    yea definitely not many spots! i have my fingers crossed but i also work as a tech at CBH so regardless of if i get it or not i will be working full time this summer. i would love to get the externship #1 choice was NICU and then ICU or definitely good learning experiences across the board. we should know in about a week!! the suspense is killing me
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    I got my call from UK today that I got in the SNAP program! YAY!! So excited! Good luck with SPICEE! I hate waiting to hear news... good or bad, I want it! Now I gotta cancel my summer on-campus classes.
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    Thanks! I got SPICEE in the NICU!!!!
    Congrats on SNAP! keep me updated on how it goes!
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    YAY Sophie! Congrads! I did some volunteer work that involved working in the NICU for several years. While it is crazy hard (for me anyways), it has a very special vibe. Good luck!
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    My professors at EKU said that the SPICEE application was only available until 1/12, but I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to apply?

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