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Just wanted to see if anyone else will be attending the Fall 2013 class? Seriously cannot wait to start the program! :) Hurry up August 19th!!... Read More

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    Just wondering out of everyone who has been accepted into the nursing program the amount of points you got? I'm trying to see where I stand on getting accepted

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    I was wondering what your points were when applying? I have applied for Spring of 2015 and wondering if I had a chance of making it into the program
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    Hi Sarah, I am going to apply to MCC's program to start next fall 2015. I too live an hour away in the other direction, (Indiana) oddly enough, I have family in Clarksville. I don't go to a preadmission conference for another two months,(November), but I've been trying to see what I should be studying for the HESI, what study guide did you use? What sections were on the test? I will need to do the hybird to keep working while I attend school, I know they say it's harder but I think I will do better without the added worry of being without a job or having to look for a job. Thanks in advance for the info.
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    I only made a75 on the Hesi. I had all pre reqs done... That gives you extra points I think. I didn't study for the Hesi but for the people in the program who did a lot got high 80's. I don't attend the program anymore.. I just moved to Nebraska. I'm attending a different nursing school.

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    The hybrid isn't much different than the traditional. In first semester there are a couple of lectures that ARE required. You also have to be there for every lab... And every check off. There is lab every week & check off is every 2 just about. You also have to be there for clinicals and that's about 2 a week.. Not to mention the tests. Those are about every two weeks for both classes (fundamentals and pharm). You're life will revolve around nursing school and most students didn't work... And the ones who did didn't make it through til the end. However, there were a few exceptions of course. One girl was a night surg tech on an OB floor and I know she's still thriving in the program. We started out with 50 and in the end we lost close to 15 I think. Good luck!!

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    Thanks, good info. Good Luck on your future endeavors!

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