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Im looking to go back to school to get my RN but i dont know where to go. What do you all think of Itt tech?... Read More

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    i would recommend this school. it has its issues because its a new program but on average i have class 2 to maybe 3 days a week. they also let you test out of classes at no charge. plus accept credits from other programs. I have been to Spencerian and looked into others but with no huge wait list this choice became clear. I chose this school because it is good overall. You have to work hard because they require a b in all classes.
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    if you go in let me know i can get you set up with the representative. also introduce you to the teachers and program chair
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    ok i will do that. but a "B" oh wow!!! i mean it shouldnt be a problem but ill be stressing even more!
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    yeah tell me about it

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