BCTC Nursing Fall 2011 - page 2

I applied for BCTC nursing program beginning fall 2011. I am thinking whoever applied should find out this week or next week. Anyone else here apply?... Read More

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    I know!! Let me know if you hear anything!

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    Let me know if you hear anything!!
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    Check mybin.....results posted. I didn't make it, but I'm an LPN alternate...so, I'm happy!
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    I didn't make it.
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    I am so sorry....
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    that's okay, thank you though..
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    I was a lucky one and got in! So, excited. Can anyone give me some information about the Lawrenceburg campus?????
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    just wondering.. what was your gpa and act score?
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    I have a 3.0 GPA and I used a ACT from 1988 when I was in HS.
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    Congrats to you, Time! I know you're excited. My friend Delia is at Lawrenceburg, and she loves it! You'll enjoy it!

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