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    hi again. not sure if any of you are military spouses, and if you are, you may already know about this, but Military OneSource is offering $ to spouses of military personnel for jobs that can transfer anywhere, and we all know t hat nursing is one of those kinds of jobs. anyway, it is like $6000 and it pays for tuition and books and technology but not daycare, gas, or computers. it also will not pay for anything you have already paid for. if you are interested, go to and go to the MyCAA section to create an account and see if you are eligible or not. it can't hurt to try!

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    It actually is great. However it only pays for tuition not books or technology. I am already taking advantage of the program.
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    thanks for the info. i was just told about this service today and created my account immediately. even without paying for books and technology, it is still a great deal.

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