Where to work?

  1. Getting back into hospital work after several years working for private practice group. Have had interviews at OP (Telemetry), CMH South (Urgent Care), and SMMC 3S (Med Surg)...just curious to see how other RNs feel about working at any of these three. Where would you absolutely not work? Believe me I have been reading what I can regarding HCA Midwest and do have some concerns...are they valid? Is it true that CMH notoriously pays its RNs less that any other hospital in the area?
    I should hear back from these hospitals early next week, so have been giving this quite some thought. Want to make a good decision. Let me know what you think!
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    I'm too soft to work peds, but if I were cut out for it, CMH-S would be my choice. Nice place. I heard the wages are competitive.
    What type of nursing do you enjoy?
    Unless you are really wanting tele, I wouldn't want the HCA option, as I've heard the ratios are awful.
    Follow your heard as to what feels best to *you*.
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    I've worked at OP in telemetry. Lots of teamwork in that area, good place to work. CMH I've heard is better, esp with the ratio. I've worked at Menorah Medical Center. I would never recommend working there or being a pt at this facility. Horrible Directors and Supervisors, no teamwork.