What are my RN program options in and around Leavenworth, KS? What are my RN program options in and around Leavenworth, KS? | allnurses

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What are my RN program options in and around Leavenworth, KS?

  1. 0 Hello, everyone!

    Currently, I am three courses away from having all of my pre-reqs/general education courses completed for nursing school. However, my husband is in the military and I was told by an academic advisory at KCKCC that if I start their program, then I would have to finish it because the credits will not transfer to another program/school. My husband will be stationed here until the spring of 2015.

    Aside from the local community colleges, do I have other options for becoming an RN? For example, back in my home state, local hospitals had nursing programs that took 15 months after your pre-reqs to complete. Is there anything like that here?

    Thank you in advance!
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    KU offers a BSN that is fulltime on campus at the medical center in KC, KS. Mid America Nazarene University is also BSN fulltime and they have several campuses in KC. Johnson County Community College has an ADN program that I believe is 15 months. Most hospitals in KC area have decreased the number of ADN's they hiring. I believe most hospitals are hiring 80% BSN prepared RN's.
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    There is also St. Luke's, which offers a BSN and has several hospitals in the area. I currently attend the school and it is great, although, it is more pricey than others. They have an AMAZING simulation center though!