Wage question for LPN's

  1. I am wondering what the going rate for an LPN (16 hours/week) in an assisted living facility is. Do you get paid more for only working limited hours and therefore not qualifying for benefits or does it not matter. It's not PRN, it would be 2 set days but not enough hours to qualify for benefits so I would like to ask for a little bit more. I have been an LPN for 14 years. Any help here is GREATLY appreciated!!
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  3. by   heathert_kc
    Have you not been practicing or is AL just a new environment for you?

    I don't have nearly as much experience as an LPN but from what I have seen some facilities especially those that are older, more established, or part of a larger coporation tend to have a rigid pay scale where as other places evaluate you as an indivdual, how bad they need you, your experience and or fit for the job, schedule, etc. In general, again from my experience, assist living facilities that I have interviewed at have offered me lower pay than skilled long term care facilities, but the work tends to be a bit easier but also you are likely to have more patients. Pay is also depend on location, If you are in the Kansas city the pay is certainly different that if you are in rural Southeast Kansas just due to the cost of living.
  4. by   berkleylpn
    Thanks for your reply. AL is not new although it has been 10 years since I last worked in one. When I left 10 years ago, I was somewhere in the $11/hour with full benefit range. I have worked at clinics since that time until 2009. The specialty clinic I left in 2006 payed me $16/hour and then I went part-time at a family medicine clinc and made $15 when I left that job in 2009. So, this being an AL rather than a clinic (clinics here pay the least), I wondered if I am being realistic or not.
  5. by   heathert_kc
    I have never worked in a clinic as an LPN so not sure I can compare the two, but I have gotten a higher wage as a PRN in assisted living though it was in the city. Hope someone here can help you and if not they will have to tell you the wage before your start so there won't be any real suprises.
  6. by   exmil77
    I am a newer LPN (1.5yr) and make $16hr in an office. I worked a 2nd fulltime job for awhile (32hr w/e) in a group home setting, and made $20hr. Any LTC kind of setting in the KC area should be 18-20 and hr.
  7. by   berkleylpn
    I got the job and will make $17 to start with a .50 increase after 90 days and a .50 differential for night shift. I am in western ks so I think this is a great wage for this area. Thanks for posting.
  8. by   exmil77
    Congrats. For Western Kansas that sounds great!!
  9. by   peaches88
    Town of less than 10,000 - around $14-$15
    Town of 10,000 - $16
    Town of 30,000 - $18

    That's as good as I can do.