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  1. I am a newly licensed RN (within the last 6 mo) relocating to the KC area. I have been working in an ASC as a circulating nurse but am interested in getting a position in a hospital when I move to the KC area next month. I am wondering which hospital it would be best to apply to as an inexperienced nurse? I have spent some time searching the job posting for several of the hospitals (KU Medical Center, St. Lukes, OPMC) and it seems like they are primarily accepting applications from RN's with a year or more of experience. In Wichita, where we live now, they use nurse recruiters to help fill vacancy's. Is this practiced in the KC area?

    My husband and I are hoping to live in the Johnson County area and I would like to avoid a really long commute. I would also be interested in which hospitals offer the best benefits (affordable health insurance, tuition reimbursement, daycare availability)

    I am interested in any insight that can be offered!
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  3. by   geekgolightly
    Where in JC do you want to live? It's a pretty big area. If you're near Olathe, then OMC would be a good choice. If you're more near to KC, say in Prairie Village or Mission, then KUMED or ST. Luke's on the Plaza would be good choices.

    I know St. Luke's has daycare near the hospital (the building is a block away from the hospital) but the hours are not convenient for nurses. St. Luke's insurance begins three months after your first day of employment and I think KUMED starts within a month. Both are decent health insurance plans, with preference shown for getting work within your own facility, of course.

    I never used a recruiter. I just applied through the websites. Right now, there are many GN positions up at St. Luke's. If I were you I would apply for one you would be interested in and go from there. They are flexible in the interview as long as you qualify for an open position.
  4. by   NurseLadyBug
    Thank you for the information. We are still looking for a home to rent so it is unclear where exactly we will be living. My husband is already in KC, staying in Overland Park, and is looking mostly in the Olathe area for a house. We want to be close enough to downtown that my husband doesn't have a really long commute, but far enough away that we are in a family friendly area. We are choosing to rent for a year so we can become more familiar with the area. I will get on the websites and get my applications in. Thanks so much!