Providence medical center vs KU medical center

  1. I got a job offer from providence and ku medical center please can anyone advice me about the pros and cons of both hospital.
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  3. by   3rdcareerRN
    PMC: Smaller; fewer opportunities for seeing unusual Dx; committed to training/keeping new RNs; easy to move between depts; administration will recognize you (Is that +/- ...?)

    KU: New RNs are a tiny cog in a very large machine; residency program; many "silos" between depts., but many specialties; teaching hospital, so you'll be taking orders from brand-new residents (eek); parking is difficult.

    That's my thought, from my experiences only.
  4. by   standout22
    I've worked at Providence Medical Center, wasn't fond of the place. I've had many classmates whom have worked and work at KU med, and love it! Think about whom as the Magnet Status (KU MED). KU really has an awesome education dept., and orientation program. They are a research hospital, so your practice will always be up to date. KU does offer a better night time diff. You have a chance of being on day shift at both hospitals, if that is what you desire. KU is much bigger, if the current unit you start on doesn't work out for you, you can move to another unit without question, as some of my previous classmates did. KU also has an awesome tuition reimbursment plan if you want to obtain a masters degree.

    Some random thoughts, but I've worked at Providence, and would not work there again.
  5. by   29deba
    Thanks everyone for your response, am so glad I picked KU MED, I love it and everything has been going smoothly, they care for their staff which is very important.
  6. by   KansasRN2008
    Two words... Providence sucks! Bottom line. I work there now and hate it. The only reason I am staying right now is to carry me through my Med-Surg experience (1 year) so I can move on to Labor/Delivery/Nursery, and also the fact that we are in the process of buying our first home and need the "credential". I pretty much go to work and do as I can to make MYSELF happy and am not afraid to speak my mind. I will not be one of those RN's who stay at a hospital for 30+ years. lol KU has definitely been on my mind but it is quite a drive for me.

    Anyone know what the current starting pay is at KU?? What about differentials? Does the administratio back their nurses like they should? I am looking into going into L&D/ Antepartum/Postpartum. I did clinicals at KU on both Peds & L&D units and liked it. Any info would be great thanks! :-)
  7. by   vannypeace
    I work at KUMED now, is the best decision I have ever made, I love it there, the benefit is the best, their health care insurance is the best ever, you dont pay copay or anything if you see KU doctor, their differencial is $5.
    Apply to my unit, I work in the neuroscience PCU.
  8. by   KansasRN2008
    I am seriously thinking long & hard about KU. I will keep that in mind! Our shift differential is $2 for weekends & $3 for nights. Wow huh?...!! lol I would have to work nights on weekends to get $5 shift diff! lol Nuts.. Anyways thanks for the feedback! :-)