1. Hi everyone,
    I am new to nursing. I tried to get into Butler but my TEAS score was not high enough. I am currently pursuing WATC's LPN program. Does anyone know of a good LPN to BSN program that I could follow-up with. I would like to do it online after I start working. Has anyone attended the LPN program at WATC. Could anyone give me some feedback on this program? Well thanks. I hope to talk with all of you later.
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  3. by   tparks
    I have no experience with WATC but wanted to say good luck. This is a list of all the nursing programs in the state of Kansas and how they deliver their classes. Hope that helps.
  4. by   Prettyc
    Wichita State has an LPN - RN program, If you want to stay in Wichita. I think Southwestern college does too. I am enrolled at another nursing school so I don't know personally how WATC is, but I have a friend who went through the program and she thought it was ok.
  5. by   Mama Is a Nurse
    I am a third semester student in the Butler program right now and would encourage you to finish your LPN then bridge to ADN @ Butler. It is MUCH easier to get in as an LPN to third semester and Butler has the highest pass rate for the NCLEX... as well as being VERY affordable. They just expanded the class this semester and admitted 20 LPNs bringing our class to 72... Hang in there and don't give up, OK??
  6. by   sweetcarma22
    HI, I am currently in second semester LPN at WATC, I love it! I would recommend doing this program. Happy to answer any questions you may have! Good luck to you!