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:yeah:I was just accepted into the Pratt LPN to RN online program can anyone give me any pointers. I start the articulation class June.... Read More

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    i will be starting my online Rn programme in january.I have friends who have gone there and they say it needs determination.Hope i will get more students who are doing the hybrid programme from pratt.I bet its good when you know someone who you can inquire stuff and help each other.Anyone taking january programme my email is will be driving too from close to nebraska to pratt.

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    Quote from mseawood1
    Also does anyone know a cheap place to get the book? Dimensional analysis, making the transition, clinical N. skills,
    Hello, if you know the ISBN number for both of the books I could probably rent it out for you. Send me ur e-mail address and I can see if I can get the books.
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    i have the ISBN but they are alot of books i could just email you the attachment from school
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    Hi amb_lyn,

    I am hoping to be accepted for the hybrid lpn-rn progr. for this summer. I'm taking the A&P review(enhanced) class and I'm struggling to find the answers since we don't use a std. textbook. Do you anybody that's taking this class now? I'm a WATC grad. & reasonably bright but this is a struggle..
    Thank you for your help!
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    I have been accepted into the summer 2012 hybrid LPN to RN program at Pratt and I need to know what book(s) we need for the transition class?! Please help!
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    The last time I looked up the books it was Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques 7th edition, 2009 version ISBN:9780323066921 New $146.95,Used $110.25. Making the Transition from LPN to Rn author Kearney-Nunnery, 2010 New $39.95 ISBN:9780803621480

    ~Dimentional Analysis for Meds Author Curren 2010 copyright, ISBN 9781435438675 new $124.25 used $93.25 .

    ~I hope this helps anymore questions you can email me directly I'm listed on the thread here for Pratt good luck.
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    5:12 am by bcarter63 a member since mar '12. posts: 4

    is anyone looking into or planning to start the pratt lpn to rn program this coming jan. 2013? has anyone recently this past year gone through it would really like to visit with anyone abour this program. you may email me at

    thanks for your time
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    I just been notified that the acceptance letters for the Jan 2013 class have been mailed out to all applicants I look forward to getting mines
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    Regarding books: I highly recommend

    Often you end up buying an edition older than the required book, but that rarely makes a difference. I did this for my RN to BSN, and I rarely paid more than $20 per book, including shipping and handling.
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    Hello all I have received notification that I have been accepted into the 2013 Summer Hybrid ADN program I m desperately interested in purchasing courses related text or instructional material. I reside in Louisiana and would love to offset some cost by purchasing required text at a discounted rate. Please feel free to email me a list of required books if at all possible.

    Thanking you in advance

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