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Just an FYI----- I was browsing other boards and came across a message saying that Northwest Technical College (don't have the web address) and Deaconess College (this either) offer online LPN courses. I haven't checked either... Read More

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    Here's the quick and dirty on this subject:

    If it isn't on this list, don't go. Period.

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    I've never heard of an online LPN program
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    my friend is currently enrolled in an ONLINE LPN program. The school is based in Cebu, but since they also offer the LPN program online, most of their students are outside the Philippines. Try checking this website out.. PHILIPPINE PARAMEDICAL AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL - CEBU: Login to the site. he was even quite impressed with schools curriculum since they have IV training and bio terrorism which is not even in BSN courses. I hope this will help you a lot..

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