Nursing school options in the KC area

  1. I know there is NAU and BMC, and the debate is still going if their low pass rates are worth 3X the cost. Other than those, are there any other local ASN programs in the area (Jo Co) with good reviews. Really dont want to jump into a BSN right now mostly cause life has its way of screwing me over every few years. So I'd rather take a ASN and bridge later than get 3 years into a BSN and have something go wrong. Not the most optimistic view, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. This is my reasoning behind applying to the ASN, LPN and MICT all at once at JCCC. Take what I can get. Even if it leads me elsewhere. I know the odds of me getting in are less than 1%, and I'm doing a career change (no previous degree) w/ a family in tow so I can't afford to do it like an 18 year old and reapply to the same school for 5 years hoping I get in. Need something a bit sooner, so taking some advise.

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    parumph, i'm in the kc metro area as well and debated adn vs bsn. am an older student with family obligations. decided on adn since is best fit for me. i applied to kckcc's program for fall 2011 entry and am now waiting to hear if i'm accepted. is my first pick program. there are several adn programs on both sides of the state line and you don't necessarily have to pay out of state tuition if you reside in metro area. check out board of nursing approved programs and their pass rates for both states so you can broaden your options (see below). i did not choose to pursue private schools or state universities at this point because of expense. my plan b is to go that route, but i really prefer not to because of the cost. good luck! nursing program selection is very individualized, depending on your resources, your academic records and your long-term career goals.

    i think you're smart to look at other allied health careers as well. suggest thinking strongly about whether they will satisfy you, though, if nursing is really what you want. they too will have an expense of time and money.

    kansas board of nursing

    approved kansas nursing programs
    multi-year pass rates

    missouri board of nursing
    approved missouri nursing programs
    multi-year pass rates

    good luck!