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New Grad RN, Fort Leavenworth

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    This December I will be graduating with my BSN and am looking for a new grad RN program or nurse residency program. I'm currently in California with the potential to be stationed at Fort Leavenworth with my husband. I'm unfamiliar with geography, along with any new grad RN programs in Kansas. I am willing to commute out of my way. Please let me know if you have any information.

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    I would strongly suggest looking for a nursing job at the base. That will keep you from driving a ways to find work (Leavenworth is in the middle of nowhere) and they should take into consideration that you're a spouse in the hiring process.
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    Hi! We are moving from CA to Fort Leavenworth as well. I am also a new RN Grad. Have you had any luck? What website lists jobs for the post? I've checked usajobs, but there aren't many RN jobs posted.
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    Just want to say hi! I work at the clinic on that post. I work in the lab as a lab tech, I'm currently doing prereqs so, but if you want to know more about the facility please pm me! It's a really good place to work. I'm a soldier though, so. Be sure to say hey when you get here!
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    Does Munson have a med surgery, labor, post op...ward or is it all clinics?