LPN Programs in the Kansas City Area

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    Hello, everyone!

    I am a current "pre-nursing" student at Kansas City Kansas Community College. I am 29 credits away from graduating with my "pre-nursing" degree. I know that that only sets the foundation, so to speak, for me to go to a four year university and get my BSN.

    However, I am an Army Wife and will not be in Kansas long enough to stay at KCKCC and go for my ADN/ASN or to transfer to a four year university and get my BSN. I will be here approximately six months too short. Therefore, I am looking for ways for me to stay in school after I get those 29 credits and become closer to becoming an RN once my family and I move back to our home state.

    I just have some questions, if anyone has the answers to them.
    1. Aside from KCKCC, what other LPN programs are there in the area? I live on post at Fort Leavenworth.
    2. If I get my LPN in Kansas or Missouri, does that mean that I can only work as an LPN in those two states?
    3. If I get my LPN in Kansas or Missouri, will I be eligible for an LPN-RN Bridge program back home? My husband and I are from Pennsylvania.
    4. How long is an LPN program?
    5. How long is an LPN-RN bridge program?

    Thank you all so much!

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