JCCC/KU/Anywhere else Admissions

  1. How tough are the admissions at JCCC? From some of the things I have read on the forum they seem like they may be stiffer than KU's.

    I have a pretty good gpa and have 64 college hours already... but very little nursing experience (actually none). I plan on doing volunteer work asap, but I am not a CNA yet and apps are due in January.

    I have heard that you have to have something special to draw KU admission attention your way, I don't think I have anything to impress anyone with... nothing I have come up with yet atleast.

    Should i just wait until next years application deadline and get some more experience under my belt?
    Anyone have any tips on something i can do to boost my chances?

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  3. by   CrazyNurseGrrl
    Hi Lauren,

    Do you have all your prereqs taken care of? KU requires all of them, and JCCC prefers most of them, as well as CNA - but don't worry, you can take a CNA course in as little as 2 weeks (but it's intense and 8 hours a day I think!).

    Both KU and JCCC have their requirements for prereqs and coreqs on their websites, so definitely check those out.

    Both programs want to see that you want to be a nurse and will be successful as a nurse - they are both selective, but who would want to go to a nursing school that accepted anyone who just up and decided that "hey, that looks like fun!". So yes, they'd love to see volunteer work, or working as a CNA somewhere. That helps - but I know people who got accepted into both programs without either. It is also based off of GPA in prereqs, an interview for JCCC and personal statement for KU, ACT scores, and other things as well.

    I recommend getting info on both programs - KU has a great open house for people considering their nursing school, and JCCC will practically next-day mail you a packet of information regarding theirs. Both are selective, but anyone who has good grades, a decent ACT score, and who really wants to be a nurse (and has done things that SHOW that) should be able to get into one or both. For some people it takes a second try getting in. That's just how it goes. I will say I know of people who were accepted to KU but not JCCC, and vice versa. It just depends.

    My recommendation is to look at the specific prerequisites they require. If you don't have them and won't have them done by the time applications are due - well, then, get a job working part-time at a hospital or volunteer, while you're finishing those prereqs. That's what I had to do - had a bachelor's and everything, but didn't have all my science courses or my CNA. So did all of that in 2 semesters while I worked at a local hospital. I was accepted to both programs and chose the one that fit my life best.

    Good luck, let me know if you have any further questions!