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How difficult to get license back?

  1. 0 I have an RN BSN from 1991. I haven't worked in 8 years. I'm thinking about trying to get my license back because of our poor financial situation. Has anyone done this? Would I be able to handle it now? Some people are telling me I won't be able to handle it because I haven't worked in so long. Any opinions? I've looked into South Dakota online and the local Johnson County Community college reentry, and the SD online looks a little quicker. Any comments, suggestions welcome. I live in the KC area, what hospital should I look at? Thanks, Maureen
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    Try contacting the Kansas State Board of Nursing. Good Luck.
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    My BSN is from 1981 and I haven't worked since having children in 1986! Our financial picture started changing a few years ago and I took a refresher at Avila. I guess that was its last class.

    The mistake I made, I think, was going back during my refresher clinicals to what I had originally loved... being where the "action was!" For me that was hearts... telemetry, CT stepdown, ICU/CCU. I quickly got scared off and haven't considered nursing again...until now...

    Financial picture continues to worsen, and the clincher was when I had to take a "test" on an application for a scrapbooking store:
    What type of adhesives do you use?
    Name 3 of the best-selling scrapbooking magazines.
    There were more along this line...
    Mind you, this was my first venture back into the Job World after 21 years as a Stay-at-Home mom! And they wanted me to work Mondays, and every other Sat & Sun.... for $7.50/hr. Suddenly I'm determined to utilize my degree somehow!

    So, first thing had to come to terms with my strengths and weaknesses TODAY. I do not have the drive that I did in 1981! I have enough stress at home right now with finances, husband with new job, 2 teenagers, 1 kid at college and a 10 year old. And we are all used to me being at home/on call.

    So, I just discovered Olathe Medical Center has a ton of clinic nursing positions. I didn't realize they were tied in to so many clinics. Anyway, I hope I can maybe EASE back into nursing. We'll see.

    My story may not be at all helpful for you... 8 years seems like nothing to me! I haven't researched re-entry programs recently, didn't know JCCC offered one now. Anount of time in clinical was very important for me. How do the on-line re-entries handle that?

    I do know that since I re-newed, re-entered, re-paid or whatever you call it for my KS license, and it once again expired, I have 5 years to catch up on ceus to get it current again. (Oh Jeeez.... In digging out my license to check when I completed the refresher I discovered I must have also renewed my MO license at that time. Let's see, it expired in 2003... I didn't even remember doing that! See why I wonder about nursing??? Well, I guess that just opened up the job market some more... now what do I have to do in MO?!?!?!) Anyway, I hope to get my ceus in an area I'll be working.

    I'm new to the site but found it helpful just to talk a.k.a. whine/complain to others.

    Good Luck and I'd be happy to share notes!
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    The instructor who runs the RN refresher courseat JCCC is awesome. She quit teaching the main program for the most part so she could begin the refresher course the year I graduated. She would definately ease you back into things.