Graduate Nursing Programs in Kansas

  1. I have been an RN for 10 years (I have my BSN), and am interested in pursuing my MSN. My main interest is in Leadership/Administration and was wondering if anyone could share their opinions and experiences on graduate programs in Kansas. I have been researching KU, Wichita State University, and Fort Hays State University. Another goal I have is to obtain my MBA, which I realize I will have to obtain separately as none of these school offer a joint degree online. Any information that you can share will be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   mrs_white25
    Actually KU does have a joint degree for a MBA andOrganizational Leadership degree. I was in that program and decided after doing a personal inventory that I did not need a leadership degree to get offered the higher positions unless I was looking at CNO positions. The MBA would be good considering it is a degree that will allow you to step outside of nursing if you need a break.

    For the program at KU you do have to apply to the business school at the same time to be considered for the joint degree program
  4. by   ScrubCap
    I wonder if KU has changed their program since you attended? When I searched under their Organizational Leadership degree, it only gave information for a joint degree in Health Services Administration.I am curious Mrs_White25, since you decided to leave KU, have you attended another graduate school? What concentration do you think is the best to pursue middle management? Honestly, I am disappointed by the graduate program options in Kansas. They either don't offer the concentration that interests me, or they are not 100% online and require in-class time. I have been looking at other programs out of state now. Thanks for the input!
  5. by   mookyjoe
    Ran into the same problem with no grad schools offering classes via distance learning so I went looking out of state at UND, UNMC, and others. Still waiting to see if I am going to be accepted this fall for UND's Nurse Educator Program. I gave myself quite the runarounds with not knowing what I wanted to do, so during one year of nursing I worked community health, then went to Med/Surg PT, ER PT, and started teaching also. Teaching finally rang my bell!!! Between tech schools and community college, I couldn't be happier and less stressed, but the ER PT keeps me in reality of the real nursing world.