Domestic Violence policies

  1. I work on an OB unit. We recently had a patient come in for observation following a domestic violence dispute. I found that our unit does not have a specific policy related to this with instructions on who we are to notify and/or file reports with. I spoke with my colleague from ED and she suggested that I post a thread so that I can see what others hospitals do as well to help me develope a specific policy to implement on our unit. What can you tell me about your hospital's policy on dealing with domestic violence patients and how you handle reporting in these cases?

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  3. by   isha2001
    Hello, I'm a LMSW at several of the hospitals in KC metro and I used to be a therapist at one of the local shelter. Here in the KC metro we have Bridge Span Advocates. This is an advocate with one of the local domestic violence (DV) shelters that comes out and provide pt with info about filing a protection order, going into a shelter and DV info. For example, the hospital on KC, MO side have advocates with Rose Brooks shelter. All you do is suggest it to the pt, if the agree, you contact Rose Brooks and they will have the advocate come out. At some of the hospitals, the advocate is located there during the day time. I'm not for sure where you're located at but I'm sure you could contact you local/surrounding DV shelter to see who's their Bridge Span Advocate is. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more info.