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Hi All, brand new to this website. It's wonderful! I'm at beginning of journey to RN. I work full-time now, but not in healthcare. Am starting pre-reqs. Have a BA already and Masters in Social Work.... Read More

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    Thanks, that really helps. I like to know all the details of what I'm getting myself into
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    Hi - oh my gosh I am so glad I found this thread when I did.. I am looking for a course and it sounds like this one at Kansas College of Nursing is scheduled to start soon?
    Its not too late for me to get in is it?

    I am in the BSN program at MidAmerica and just thought that having my CNA would be a good tie in and give me a leg up as far as my patient care skills.

    Are you registered for the class KSRN2b??

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    Hi Gal 2:20, no. didn't work out for me to do after all. Have to take a couple of courses this summer in prep for nursing school in the fall--ADN program at KCKCC. Kansas College of Nursing is definitely where I would have gone if I'd had the time. Good luck!
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    So Mellissadavon are you going to take this one in Olathe?
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    Yes, I'm signed up for the mid-June class. I got my TB test last week, I've already ordered my textbook & I'm getting my scrubs soon
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    Melissa - are you taking a weekday, evening, or weekend class?

    You said "mid-June" - that would be either the weekend class - June 11- July 31 ?
    or one of the evening ones? June 20th- August 1st June 20th- July 25th

    I am going to enroll in the weekday one that starts on the 28th.. just because it gets over so quick.

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    I really wanted to do a day time one also but I work as a sub for the USPS, so if I get called I HAVE to go in (I'm the only sub at my office), and besides I need the work and wouldn't want to refuse any. So, night classes it was for me. I'm not sure which session I'm in, because in one place it says it ends on Aug 1 and another it says Jul 25. So I really don't know, I thought there was just a typo somewhere. Are you sure they are separate sessions?
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    Melissa - Yes, I am sure that they are two separate classes. One is almost 2 weeks longer than the other. I will try to find out why. ( i.e. - it must be less hours per night or fewer evenings per week)
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    I am going to go to Kansas College of Nursing for my CNA course. While at my doctor's office, his assistant told me she went to KS College of nursing and that she is working toward getting her CMA degree and that the State of Kansas will let you work in a doctor's office with a CNA degree to work toward getting your CMA degree. Has anyone else heard of this and what is required while you are working at a doctor's office? She also said she thought the instructors were great at the KS College of Nursing.
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    Hi opks,

    I have never heard of that (!) Go check out the ksbn website. That is where you would find all the info needed on req's for CMA/CNA Rn's etc. I can't imaging that is true though.
    So, you are going to get your CNA at KS College of Nursing? Me too. When does your class start? Maybe we will be together. I am going to take the CMA class right after I finish the CNA class..
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    I still have my scrubs & stuff from there in XL and the paperwork, if anyone is interested. I go to Pitt & they use scarlet scrubs so I can't use them.

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