BSN Programs in Kansas City?

  1. So I'm looking at nursing schools in Kansas City and I'm really trying to figure out what route to go here. I'm 25 and married with two kids. I've been in the real estate field and decided to completely change fields. I've currently got about 27 credits and should have 54 by August of 2011 (including all my prereq's for most of the programs). I'm thinking at this point to apply to UMKC and KUMC and if I can't get in to either to spend another year bringing up my GPA and getting everything done and getting a CNA. I was very interested in the JCCC program but it almost seemed more competitive than KUMC's and UMKC's. I would LOVE any opinions on the local nursing programs and any advice at all to what would make me a better candidate. When I first graduated high school I did really well in college, and then basically not so well. I've spend the last few years here and there making up for those credits, but I'm still at about a 3.0 (although this should be a little higher after this semester is finished because I'm redoing my last two credits). Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   ICU_RN_BSN
    you should look into rockhurst program at research..if you work there a couple years after graduating they pay back all your loans. There is also st. Lukes...that GPA won't get you into KU..sorry its just so damn competitive...but if all your math and science is at least a B then you can probably get into research. JCCC is a good program but it is only an associates degree if you care. But problem is it is SOO way worse than 4yr degree programs.
  4. by   OlatheJessica
    Thank you so much for your suggestions! I actually went and recalculated my GPA and I was adding it up wrong. I have a redo course in right now and pulling the grades I expect, I should have a 3.45-3.72 by the end of the semester. Where do you think that would be acceptable to? I'm looking at research, the only problem is I have my math all done, but only biology, so I need to do A&P and Chem next semester, but it won't count toward the initial admissions. Again, thanks for any help, I really appreciate it!