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I'm getting antsy! Just curious if anyone has a heads up on when the letters might be coming? Its becoming a big event to go to the mailbox each day...:nuke:... Read More

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    Quote from Lauren3787
    I looked at the site and it had the required GPA of 2.0, then like a 2.8 in the prereqs. and then ACT comp of 17 and science of 18....
    but i didn't know if you really need to have like a 3.5 gpa and 27 plus for act scores.

    I know a lot of schools give a set gpa requirement but the lowest GPA accepted is actually way higher. Is that how JCCC is?
    Hey Lauren - Fact of the matter is that some people are 4.0 and 30s on their ACTs. Some are 3.0 and in the low 20s for ACT score. I personally had a decent ACT score but a "not great" science score - but got in regardless.

    JCCC gets all their apps in and based off of a point system (that includes whether you're a resident of JoCo and/or KS), among many other things - how many prereqs you have completed, what your grades are, etc.... interviews the top 110 applicants (sometimes a few more, I've been told). Then, based off that interview (where you get to show how you would handle situations, and let the interviewer know who you are, what kind of person you are), choose their class of approximately 60-64 students. There is a wait list and usually several people (so I've been told) are moved up from the wait list.

    Let me say this - I know several people who were sure they wouldn't get in - BUT THEY DID. And they WERE NOT people with 4.0s (or even 3.5s). They did not score a 27 on the ACT.

    Just apply. Just apply, and do your best. What have you got to lose? And if you don't, won't you be disappointed with yourself when you look back? Seriously, it's a great program. Just do it. Believe in yourself.

    Call up there (913) 469 - 8500, hit "0" for the operator and ask to be connected to the Nursing School. Ask for the packet of info. Attend one of the information sessions. Talk to some of the nursing students. Find out about it.

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