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I'm getting antsy! Just curious if anyone has a heads up on when the letters might be coming? Its becoming a big event to go to the mailbox each day...:nuke:... Read More

  1. by   doglover1
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A word of advice, try to get you medical terminology and drug calc. learned this summer. (You will get info. at orientation). It will be two less things to deal with in the fall. And also, don't buy the newest version of the medical terminology book for $70 at the book store, get the next up-to-date version for $10 on amazon. Same info.
  2. by   SweetLife
    Quote from momma&nurse2B
    Yep! Got my letter on Friday (almost hugged the mailman!)
    Have you visited with the counselor yet? I had my meeting today. I have to get the state to update my cna info on their website and I have to find my immunization record still. How is everything going for you?
  3. by   momma&nurse2B
    i know i have to get about 5 different shots and a tb test over the summer, but that's it, i think. i hope i'm not missing anything, but i can't think of anything else that needs to be done. congrats!
  4. by   SweetLife
    Okay, so after yesterday I am so psyched and ready. I cannot wait. I have been reading over all the papers and looking at the block schedule and just happy and excited. Anyone else feel this way? P.S. NurseMiller08 were you there?
  5. by   doglover1
    No, I wasn't there. I took a part-time job this summer working as a medical assistant at Kansas City Cancer Center. I'm also taking Microbiology this summer and running my kid-o around so I'm not going to be able to volunteer for the boot camp, orientation and other things for the new students. I will be at the picnic the first day though. Hope we meet then!
  6. by   jtokas
    Quote from 2bnursemiller08

    not sure if you are still needing a reply, but i am a current jccc nursing student. to answer your question, the program isn't 8-5 exactly. it depends on your clinical schedule. for example, this semester, my clinicals are 6:45-2:24 t/w, class from 1-5 on monday's. however, there are still other time commitments such as lab time, lab demonstrations on special procedures etc. and of course lots of study time for tests and also clinical prep. time. it is time consuming but worth every minute! if i can help you with any questions, please let me know. good luck!

    [font='arial','sans-serif']hi thr
    [font='arial','sans-serif']jst browsin thru this site.u r a student of jccc so u mst be in best position to answer my query.i m expecting n baby is due in mid augest that's whne rn program starts.
    [font='arial','sans-serif']i want to know can i postpone my course to next semester or i need to re apply .i need to tak a break for a month .i really studied hard to get into this program n don't want to miss it by any if thr is ny second option i would love to think over it.
    [font='arial','sans-serif']c ya
  7. by   queenjean
    Maybe you should call the school and ask; that'd probably be the most direct way to go about it.

  8. by   jtokas

    yesterday i got my interview letter
    its on friday
    i m so excited
  9. by   Lauren3787
    How tough are the admissions at JCCC? From some of the things I have read on the forum they seem like they may be stiffer than KU's.

    I have a pretty good gpa and have 64 college hours already... but very little nursing experience (actually none). I plan on doing volunteer work asap, but I am not a CNA yet and apps are due in January.

    Should i just wait until next years application deadline?
    Anyone have any tips on something i can do to boost my chances?

  10. by   doglover1

    Getting the CNA is mandatory. It doesn't matter where you get your CNA. I got mine from KCKCC before applying to JCCC RN program. It is unlikely they will consider you without it. Be sure that you look at their admissions requirements really close and follow them precisely and get everything in by the deadline. If you have a good GPA, have a good science reasoning score on the ACT, have the prereq's, including the CNA, you've got a great chance. Yes, there are lots of people who apply, but many do not have the requirements.
  11. by   Lauren3787
    Thanks! If I apply I will be sure to have everything they specify.

    It says that the only prereq's are chemistry and algebra and I thought I had read somewhere that comp I was required too...

    will I want to take the other classes like microbiology, anatomy/physiology, child development.... before applying if I want to ensure i will get in?
  12. by   JCCCNurseGrrl
    Hey - I'm a first year at JCCC. Please feel free to e-mail me at with more specific questions... but my first question is which program are you speaking of? LPN only has a couple of requirements - I think that's what you're thinking of with chemistry and algebra. However, the RN program requires MANY things, and you MUST have your CNA BEFORE you apply.

    The RN program requires Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, a math course, two psychology courses, a sociology course, and a few others. You also must take your ACT - they look at both your cumulative and your science score.

    JCCC is a great program, and I highly recommend it - to get exact info go to and on the left there will be a search box. Type in "RN" or "Nursing" and you will find info on the different programs. Or, call the school (913) 469 8500 and ask the operator for the dept. of nursing. They will mail you all the info you need in just a couple of days.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
  13. by   JCCCNurseGrrl
    PS - maybe I worded the above wrong - some of those coures must be required before you apply, but some can be taken concurrently. However, you are more likely to be accepted if most (especially the science) courses are already completed. Further, there is NO WAY you could take A&P while in nursing school and expect to do at all well in it. I recommend having all but maybe one or two classes completed before the fall you would begin in.