Any Kansas City RNs?

  1. My husband and I may be moving to KC soon and I was wondering about the area hospitals. I am an experienced (6yr) RN in an SICU at a Level 1 University Trauma Center. What would be KC's equivilent? What is pay? What is the city of Mission like? What hospitals do you recommend?
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  3. by   kcalohagirl
    Hi there! I work at the University of Kansas Hospital, which is also referred to as KUMED. It is a level 1 trauma center and a regional burn center. There is an SICU as well as a Cardiothoracic Surger ICU. Not sure what the pay scale would be for someone w/ your experience. As a new grad, I was hired at $20.50. If you are a night shift person, premium night shift differential is another $5.15. KU is a Magnet hospital, and I really like working here!

    Also. Saint Luke's is another Magnet hospital just a few blocks down the road. Also a good trauma center. I did most of my clinicals for nursing school there. Also a good place to work, however I chose KU over Saint Lukes upon graduation because of $1 an hour better pay and i generally liked the atmosphere a little better.

    Truman Medical Center is located in Downtown Kansas City MO. I really don't know a lot about it except that it is an inner city hospital with all that entails.

    I used to live in Mission. It is a nice suburban area, and about a 10-15 minute drive from either KU or Saint Luke's.

    If there are any other questions I can answer for you, let me know!
  4. by   KnarfKS
    Its funny, I just graduated in may and the 3 that KCalohagirl mentioned were the only 3 I was willing to work for in the KC area. I now work for KU med as well and I do enjoy the learning envirionment that KU offers. I live in Roeland park, about 2 blocks from mission, it takes me literally 5 minutes to be in the parking lot at KU. Avoid the HCA hospitals like the plague, I had quite a few friends start in them, but none of them lasted longer than 4 months before quitting.
  5. by   eddy
    I second avoiding HCA hospitals. Bad news. I used to go to the HCA hospitals, but not anymore. HCA is ruining what used to be some very quality facilities. Not sure what staff pay is these days, but I make $34-42 an hour for the various ICU's with my agency. For what it's worth I actually like Truman more than any of the other hospitals I go to. I have never worked at KUMC, but I have several friends who work there and like it a lot. I would also like to recommend North Kansas City Hospital. Great heart hospital, and a pleasure to work there. Unfortunately, if you are looking to live in Mission, NKCH is a bit of a commute. Good luck!
  6. by   momma&nurse2B
    Hello...and welcome to KC! I've lived here all my and definitely like the Mission area. I live near Mission myself. Its a very neat area with a great reputation (just don't buy a house with a bad basement foundation, take it from me!)

    To those who have mentioned staying away from HCA hospitals, may I ask why? I'm starting nursing school this fall, and although I have a long road ahead of me, its only natural to consider options for where I might want to work upon graduating. I'm curious why HCA has a bad rep?
  7. by   anotherneonurse
    Here's a list of area hospitals I can think of.

    On the Kansas side
    KUMC - Huge teaching hospital. Not in the best part of town and the clientel is, well lets just say most would not choose to be a patient at KU. On of the better paying hospitals in town.

    HCA - Our evil empire consists of OPR (Overland Park Regional), MMC (Menorrah Medical Center) and several on the MO side. New grads seem to have a bad time and all seem to leave in 1 year if they can make it that long. The nurse/pt ratios are substandard even for this area and the management at OPR is downright mean in some departments. An experienced nurse that doesn't take any crap might do just fine however.

    Shawnee Mission Medical Center - Don't let the generic name fool you, this is a religious hospital, 7th Day Adventist, whatever that is. In a nice area and appears to be the fastest growing hospital in town. Last I checked, this was the lowest paying hospital in town and also does not seem to value education or experience as they would rather hire cheap. They rely heavily on aides, techs and LPNs. A lot of nurses like it though, you don't get stuck with a lot of aide work. I don't think this does much for ICU people, though. If I had to work med-surg I would work here. On second thought, if I had to work med-surg I would probably just shoot myself instead.

    St. Luke's - I haven't heard much good or bad about this mid-sized hospital. It is located in Overland Park.

    Providence - PMC is part of the Catholic Healthcare system but a different group than Carondelet. Probably they are all about the same, don't know. This one is probably a long communte also but not as bad as NKCH

    MO side
    Truman - TMC is very urban. The cafeteria has a McDonalds. People in this area sometimes refer to Truman's ER as ground zero. Its not for the faint of heart. They have staffing issues in nearly every department, presumably because people are afraid to work there. The thing I like about Truman is they have diversity in their staff. A lot of hospitals in this area are nothing but a homogenous bunch of Stepford nurses.

    St. Joseph/Carondete Health- More of the Catholic Healthcare group. I suppose they are all about the same. St. Joseph's ER is top notch and the staff seems nice, the hospital is pretty and in a good area. The hospital pays well for the area.

    North Kansas City Hospital - HUGE hospital in N KC, would be a long commute. Their big thing is cardiac care. Don't know anybody that works there.
  8. by   kcalohagirl
    Wow, anotherneonurse. . . .although I do agree with some of your assessments of some hospitals, notably the "evil empire". I have to take issue with your evaluation of KUMC, which is actually the University of Kansas Hospital. KUMC refers to the School, not the Hospital. They have not been the same institution since the mid-ninetys, when from what I understand, things were pretty dismal.

    However, they have made huge strides in the past ten years. Their new Center for Advanced Heart Care is simply amazing. They are the only level 1 trauma center on the Kansas side. As for the clientele, I hate to see someone make a blanket statement. I have taken care of illegal immigrants, rural farmers, CEO's and local celebrities. The clientele really runs the gamut. I would have absolutely no problem having either my mother (who has an extensive cardiac history) or my father (oncology) be admitted there, if they lived in this area.

    One hospital you failed to mention was Saint Lukes on the Plaza. Pay is slightly lower than KU, (maybe by a buck an hour) but they also have a great cardiac side, one of the best NICUs in the city, and I believe they are the best stroke center in town.
  9. by   blondegenes
    I love KU Med, except the Psych ward. (Does anyone really ever check to see what the nurses are doing in there?)
    I agree with the earlier assessment of Shawnee Mission. I'd gladly work surgery there, though.
    It's been reported to me by current employees at Providence that the administration likes to pull the rug out from under good employees.

    I have a key chain that says "Take Me To St. Lukes If I Have a Stroke".
    They have a clot grasping tool that is the Bomb!

    All the Truman employees I know are happy working there.
  10. by   Annya2
    I am looking to go into OR nursing and have applied to all the hospitals that you listed above. You don't know how much this posting has helped me! I have a friend who recommended me to KUMC--he loves it there and has been employed there for many years (a good sign). Thanks so much for sharing!
  11. by   anotherneonurse
    There is no easy way to get started in OR. Nurses in this specialty are notoriously territorial and some of the surgeons aren't very nice either. However, I would think a teaching hospitla like KU be your best bet. The OR dept at KU is so huge you are bound to have good and bad experiences but in time you will see and learn just about everything there is to know in surgery, if you can take the abuse you will inevitably get in the beginning.

    Working at a small hospital like SMMC might be easier and I know the lady that manages the PACU there and she is a great manager and nice to everybody. However, the education coordinator for the OR was such an idiot I can't believe she is any kind of nurse at all and I have heard the OR is having managerial issues.

    Last year St. Lukes South had started an interesting program for new grads in the OR where they pay for you take a scrub tech course and the proceed with OR training. Could be good if its still around but apply early.
  12. by   Annya2
    Thank you for the information! I have been checking around to see which hospitals offer the Periop 101 class that you refer to. The AORN organization highly recommends it, as it's a great stepping stone to educating staff, having higher retention rates, etc.
  13. by   altus bulldog
    Another hospital that has not been mentioned is Childrens Mercy Hospital. There are two campuses, one close to KU Medical Center (12 minute drive from 75th and Metcalf area to the parking lot), and a smaller campus at I-435 and Roe. The only one with ICU's is the main campus. It also is a Magnet hospital and Trauma center. It is currently expanding the ER, and adding an Eastern Urgent Care Center in Lee's Summit area or there abouts. It is a teaching hospital and allows their employees all kinds of growth opportunities. The benefits are great. And I agree with kcalohagirl and anotherneonurse: STAY AWAY FROM HCA! You will regret moving here to take a job with them.
  14. by   krallen
    Quote from Riker3
    My husband and I may be moving to KC soon and I was wondering about the area hospitals. I am an experienced (6yr) RN in an SICU at a Level 1 University Trauma Center. What would be KC's equivilent? What is pay? What is the city of Mission like? What hospitals do you recommend?
    looking for lpn's in kansas city