Mount Mercy: What have you heard?

  1. Hello all Iowa/past Iowan nurses!

    So, I'm going to Mount Mercy this fall and I want to know what nurses think of the program and of the nurses coming out of the program. Obviously the college has nothing but good to say about the program, and I do believe it is a great program, but I am interested in what those in the real world have to say about graduates of MMC.

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  3. by   CoeKohawk11
    I am not a graduate of MMC (I go to the rival school Coe), but I have a large amount of friends going to MMC. The reviews differ. Some people say they loved it because the professors were awesome. Some say they learned a lot. Then I have some people tell me they are jealous of how my school does clinical. I also have some people say their senior year was cake and didn't really learn much.

    Sooooo I guess it all depends on how YOU learn and how much effort you are willing to put into all of this. The nurses who work on my floor who graduated from MMC (actually MMU now) are very good at their job. Good luck with the schooling though.
  4. by   jwall_bsn
    I too am a Kohawk, so am a little bias. I must agree with CoeKohawk11 though that I have heard different opinions about MMU nursing program. I know they change the program frequently and some students seem to get frustrated with this. Which also makes it difficult to compare year to year what I have heard because of these changes. However, if the setting is conducive to your learning then you will succeed.