Decions!! Decisioins!!

  1. Hi-
    I need some help in making some decisions about my future. I am 40 and about to leave a career in the military. I will remain an M Day soldier.I want to pursue my asscoiate in nursing at the local community college in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
    Here is my dilemna.. House sufferred damage in the weather we have been experiencing.It is an older home with its own set of problems. The roof leaks really bad on one side now and when it rained for 4 weeks straight here, the ceiling in one room collasped in. Not surprised but definitely ovecomed by what cam down with the wet ceiling-bat drippings.
    The hosue was built in two separate sections so the floor is not level. That would have to be taken care of without fail. The kitchen is built over a false foundation and that is bad on the outside. The windows are old and need to be replace. The heating bill is bad in the winter. The upstairs needs all the old drywall tron off and replaced,etc. What would you do in this situation??????????????????????.
    MY thought process is a manufactured home from someone like Design Homes out of Ames. Yes, another mortgage but I can work part-time while in school. I just cannot face another year of living like this & then put school on top of it.
    Any suggestions from you all is appreciated.
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