Any Iowa OR nurses on this site??

  1. 0 Don't see anything other than possible travel assignments when I search for OR postions. Are all the OR's fully staffed. Don't want to take a travel assignment right now.
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    Mercy-Dubuque have had a couple in the past months. You could apply there. Otherwise, I know that Genesis in the quad city are also has some. Hope this helps.
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but how are the Iowa nurses doing with the flooding going on?
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    I'm not completely sure but I was looking on the Iowa Health Systems website ( Blank, Methodist, and Iowa Lutheran) and there weren't any OR positions but there were ER positions (I think mainly at Blanks Children's Hospital).

    I know Mercy is restructuring right now and some nurses may be leaving because of it. . .so I would suggest possibly contacting Mercy's HR dept and inquire about appling for an OR position. Hope this helps ! !
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    Also ~ I recently checked out the job board for Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames and they are hiring RN's for the OR ! Good Luck
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    We have an OR position at

    We could use a good nurse. Grinnell is a nice, small community and the pay is higher than Des Moines and other surrounding communities. And the cost of living is low.

    We do ortho, ENT, Bariatric, General, Uro, gyno.
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    Thanks I will keep that in mind. Found a travel assignment in Utah, for now may be looking next spring.
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    I don't know if this would be of help to anybody, but I was recently contacted regarding an OR position in Des Moines for a 13 week contract. I was very interested, but did not have the experience needed. If anybody is interested, I would be more than happy to provide the contact information.
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    We have several openings at our hospital and have more travellers staffing right now than regular RN's in our OR's. Also openings for Open Heart Team for RN's. Allen Memorial Hospital, Waterloo IA....check us out!! Good luck with your search:spin:!

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